Of course, we are always looking to take on experienced advisers here at First Class Financial. But we also welcome new recruits or re-entrants to the industry. Indeed we are one of the few organisations willing and able to take on people who have decided that they want to step out in a new direction and begin a career as an adviser.

Clearly, we have to make sure that candidates have the right attributes to be successful – good communication skills, a high level of self-motivation, sales orientation and an aptitude for figures. It is also very important that our advisers act with integrity and are capable of adhering to the laid down systems and processes that ensure not only that customers receive appropriate advice but are also seen to have received suitable and appropriate advice. This is very much a professional role.

And in a supportive environment such as ours, there is no reason why someone with the right characteristics, including plenty of drive and determination, should not succeed.

In recent years we have successfully established a number of brand new recruits as Mortgage and Protection Advisers – candidates who had obtained the CeMAP qualification and were looking for someone just to give them the chance to make the move into a more exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career. Here at First Class Financial we are willing to provide this opportunity. The First Class Financial proposition offers the possibility of being supported in building up your own business and the self employed route to market has the following clear advantages:-

  • The effort and hard work you put in all goes towards building up your own business rather than someone else’s and your earnings potential is much greater.
  • When advising on mortgages, job satisfaction is likely to be higher than working for a single lender as you are able to access a wide range of lenders from “the whole of the market” – so you are providing real added value to customers by getting them better deals on their mortgage than if you were representing only one lender.
  • You also have great flexibility in terms of how and when you work – you are your own boss and fully in control, therefore, of your own destiny.

For Mortgage and Protection Advisers who want to develop their career further and become full financial planners, access to the Quilter Financial Adviser School is available entirely free of charge to take you on an established pathway to achieving full Diploma status.